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Mortgage loans or real estate loans are loans used to purchase land or buildings such as houses or factories. These are typically long-term loans and the interest rate charged can be either a variable or a fixed rate for the term of the loan, which often ranges from 15 to 30 years. The land and buildings purchased serve as the collateral for the loan.

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Self Certified Mortgages

People who are self employed, are paid irregularly from more than once source, people whos' wages are made up mainly from commissions or bonuses are those who usually will self certify that they are able to make the repayments on their mortgage.

All of the types of borrower we listed above cannot prove their income other than by providing their own accounts or books. This is not an ideal situation for the lender as the information provided about the borrowers' income involves no referee (individual third party).

If this is you, you can talk to one of our advisors today who will be able to help you provide sufficient proof of earnings and get you on your way to purchasing your new home with the help of a self certified mortgage.


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