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Mortgage loans or real estate loans are loans used to purchase land or buildings such as houses or factories. These are typically long-term loans and the interest rate charged can be either a variable or a fixed rate for the term of the loan, which often ranges from 15 to 30 years. The land and buildings purchased serve as the collateral for the loan.

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If you need an instant online mortgage quote you are at the right place; we can give you your quote instantly with quotations from all of the major lenders, or if you need specialist mortgages then we can look at specific areas.

Getting an instant online mortgage quote has never been simpler all you need do is fill in your details on the form provided and depending on the speed of your internet connection you'll receive a quote instantly to your pc.

The instant online mortgage quote Code Compliance Board regulates the Mortgage Code to which this firm subscribes. As part of MCCB's duties, we may be asked to provide them with access to our customer records in order that they may carry out an audit of our activities. The MCCB's ability to inspect customer records promotes best practice in our industry and ensures that you continue to receive the best possible service from us.

Remember that when you take out a mortgage that your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments. Written quotations are also available on request, all loans subject to status. A life policy or other insurance may be required.


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